Why Barrier Masks?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We were approached a few weeks ago by a health care professional and was asked if our dog bandannas would work for the first responders. I guess the answer could have been yes, but we decided we would pivot from bandannas and help make masks. We've been doing buy one, donate one to the front lines. We've received a lot of grief for that actually. People think we should only be donating. But our thought was, and is more true now, that we'd all benefit from wearing them. And, unfortunately, there is a cost to donating. So by allowing our customers and neighbors to purchase a mask to keep themselves safer, we can donate even more to the healthcare workers and the people on the front lines trying to continue to serve us every day. As of today, we've been able to donate to Phelps, Cornell, two VA hospitals, Pilgrim Manor, Atria, Pawprint Market, Palmer's Grocery, NYU Langone, St Johns, USPS, North Central Bronx Hospital, Montefiore, Beaumont Hospital, Four Winds, local doctors and pharmacies. Thanks to your purchases we're not even close to being done with our donations! Big thank you to all our volunteers that are helping us reach our goals! We have volunteers in NY, CT, MI, and CO!

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