The Baker and the Barker

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


I registered the name, The Barking Baker a few years ago, I had this image of me making the most beautiful dog treats at my kitchen counter wearing an apron, oh miss domesticated, lol. Anyway, that thought passed, but I kept hold of the name. I liked it, and my maiden name was Baker, so it seemed like a great idea......someday. That day happened, but I wasn't standing at my counter with an apron making cute dog treats. It was my big 95lb lap dog, who we got from a shelter in Florida, who has the goofiest under bite, a tail that constantly wags and whips the back of your legs, who has the smelliest of farts and who sits on your feet if you stand still for more than 5 minutes. My vet called, Marmite had leukemia! I started making all his food, treats and a pill delivery, because getting all those meds down his throat was a big performance EVERY day! My head was spinning, my precious Marmite was looking SO much better. I needed to share this with other people.

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