RIP Sweet Marmite

Today is two weeks and one day since the passing of my boy, Marmite. Marmite was the inspiration behind The Barking Baker, so I thought I would share this with you all…..

After Marmite was diagnosed with leukemia 18 months ago, I started making all his food and treats. I blew up the internet looking for ingredients that were beneficial. I was blown away by the benefits of turmeric, just to name one. Why wasn’t this in everything? So I incorporated it into his food and treats. Then came the next challenge, getting my 95lb lap dog Marmite, to take his medication everyday. It was extremely challenging. I started using Pill Pockets. That was short lived, he would just spit it right back at me, and honestly, they were just more chemicals going into his body, and I felt the chemo meds were more than enough. What was the alternative? We tried cheese, pate, ham, fish, you name it, we gave it a shot. He was having none of it, he could sniff out those pills from 50 yards. I was making his peanut butter and pumpkin treats one morning and I dropped a piece of dough. Scooter, Marmites side kick, gobbled it up before I could blink. That was a lightbulb moment. What if I made a dough for his meds? Nine months later, lots of recipe challenges and changes we now have Pet Dough in 3 different flavors. Marmite’s meds were reduced by half, we were winning! Marmite's food, treats and medication delivery gave him his life back. He was more mobile than he was 5 years earlier, he put the weight back on, he was happy and we bought him an extra 18 months. We beat the leukemia, but unfortunately we couldn’t beat the tumor on his spine.

We had two days of celebrating, Marmite. The Sunday was a pool day, he chilled around his pool, we called it Marmite’s pool because he used it the most. Monday we sat in one of his favorite spots in the front garden. Marmite, and his sidekick, Scooter, would hang for hours there watching the world go by, so we set up his bed on the lawn. I cooked him a big rare juicy T bone steak, which he loved, then he enjoyed the marrow from a big bone, and we finished with some ice cream. The sun was shining, Zach and I held him, and his 3 furry siblings stayed close while he drifted off to a place where he could run and swim again.

I’m writing this now, because today I picked up his ashes, and I relived that Monday all over again. I cried, how was it possible to get my big boy in that tin? Then I smiled as I imagined him lounging in his big bed without a care in the world. He had a good life, 10.5 years of being loved by both his human family and his furry one.

Marmite will always be with me at the mixer making the homemade dog treats, and that miracle formula, Pet Dough. The Pet Dough got him to take his medications that gave us the extra 1.5 years with the big lump. I wonder if he is looking down on me now thinking, how sneaky that was, getting him to take that medication with what he thought was his favorite soft tasty treat.

My precious 95lb lapdog is now at peace, and home again.

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