Marmite, my 9 year old 95lb rescue mutt with an endearing under bite who thinks he is a lap dog, was diagnosed with leukemia 6 months ago. We started on chemo straight away, and I said from the outset that if his quality of life was affected we would stop the drugs and let him eat steak and cake for the rest of his life....easier said than done when he went down hill in just a week, dropping 20lb and ending up in the vets on a fluid drip. Heartbreaking seeing my poor boy this way. I realized I wasn't ready for the steak and cake option so I got on the internet and blew my brain up with information. So what came out of that info? Pots, pans, shopping, Cuisinart, kitchen aid and a messy kitchen. I started making all his food, treats and a pill delivery, because getting all those meds down his throat was a big performance EVERY day! He could sniff out a pill from 50 yards. He loved cheese, meats, fish- everything that I hid those little bloody pills in, but the crafty bugger would unwrap them in his mouth and spit them out. The answer was in my kitchen aid all along. Yep, the allergen free treats that I was making him were about to be made into bones, and my trusted helper and taste tester Scooter, (wired haired Jack Russell) was begging nicely on his flat bottom (a natural born beggar, pan handler who would never go hungry, too cute)  so I dropped him a small piece of dough. That was it. The light bulb moment. Pill Dough.

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