Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Allergy Friendly Dog Treats? What a Barking Good Idea!

When we rescued our adorable dog Charlie, we couldn't understand why our daughter would break out in hives every time he licked her. We initially didn't make the connection between our daughter's food allergies and the food that Charlie was eating. A day or two after Charlie came home with us, we really thought we were going to have to return him to the rescue center. Then it dawned on us, maybe our daughter was allergic to what Charlie was eating and not Charlie himself! We checked the food that the rescue center gave us and the ingredients contained one of the many foods our daughter is allergic to. We immediately switched to a different brand of dog food and problem solved, no more hives!

Even though it is difficult to find allergy friendly dog food and treats, it is so important if you have children with food allergies. After all, you want them to be able play safely together!

Charlie is so excited to try The Charlie Truffles, which are made with a peanut butter alternative. What a brilliant idea! Thank you to The Barking Baker! (Get them here

Thanks Charlotte! Also check out our allergen free pill dough! Can be used either to hide the dog’s medicine or can be used as a treat. No peanut butter and a huge hit with the dogs!

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