Clean Eating

Clean eating

We all know how important our food is to our health. We immediately notice how much lighter we feel, we sleep better, we’re more motivated to exercise, we reduce inflammation and as a result, our aches and pains are diminished. Many times if we can stick with it even for a month we can get off certain medications. But yet, sometimes we don’t do it. 5 years ago this August my son was diagnosed with cancer. I’m sure most of you also know people that have been diagnosed with cancer, probably even in your family. That was a huge wake up call for us and we definitely revamped the way we eat. My son has the cleanest diet of any one of us. So many processed foods, and even the way our food is grown, can be linked to cancers and other diseases. We eat mostly organic and minimally processed whenever we can. If it’s so important for us, it has to be just as important for our dogs.

Dogs can reap the same benefits as their humans by eating clean. So much of their food has fillers in it. Things we would never even consider feeding them, but since it’s hidden in their food we don’t give it a second thought. Our treats are all natural, healthy foods that we would eat (we have taste tested everything!). They have super foods such as turmeric, which has been shown to help eliminate cancer In their bodies, and beetroot which has antioxidant properties and can eliminate allergies and itchy skin. They taste good and are so good for them! Right now we’re in the process of field testing our dog food. We think the quality of dog food has decreased over the years and we want to change that! Even if you just use a little as a topper over their regular food, the benefits are huge. They will start sleeping better, lose that unwanted weight, and reduce their aches and pains. Sometimes people say it’s too expensive, it’s only a dog. We feel the little bit more money you put into their food now will save you on vet bills later. And, as a bonus, they may end up living longer, healthier lives. We want to keep these crazies around as long as we can!

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